ROC 325280


Weekly Cleaning

Whether you need weekly chemical service or full maintenance, we can put your mind at ease regarding the condition and quality of your swimming pool. With our professional maintenance and cleaning services, your pool will always be at its best and you can spend more time enjoying your swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Full Service — Weekly Visit

Service includes testing of water chemistry and addition of needed chemicals to maintain proper water balance within normal operating environment.

    • Pool surface, sides, and bottom are skimmed with net to collect debris.
    • Pool is brushed.
    • All baskets are emptied of debris.
    • Pool bottom and sides are vacuumed as needed.
    • Pool equipment is powered up and checked for proper operation; adjustments are made optimize system performance.
    • Filter is backwashed if applicable.
    • Additional Services

        • Pool drain
        • Pool start-up and closing
        • Sand change
        • D.E. filter cleaning
        • Cartridge filter cleaning
        • Salt cell cleaning

Acid Wash

    • We completely drain pool to sewer
    • We completely acid wash on all interior pool surfaces
    • We pump out all waste water and debris
    • We add startup chemicals and priming system once pool has been filled